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Sophocles himself received a good education.

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Myrtilus also claims that in a work by Hieronymus of Rhodes entitled Historical Notes it is said that Sophocles once lured a boy outside to have sex, and afterwards the boy left with Sophocles' cape, while the boy's own cape was left with Sophocles. In Sophocles defeated the famous playwright Aeschylus — B. In total, Sophocles wrote dramas for the festivals. In the process, a person can become more genuinely human, more genuinely himself. Learn More. Of the others, Electra shows stylistic similarities to these two plays, which suggests that it was probably written in the latter part of his career. He dramatically changed the tragic form by adding a third actor, thereby eroding the role of the chorus in the presentation of the plot. Sophocles first wife was Nicostrata with whom he had two sons named Iophon and Sophocles. Tradition says that because of his beauty and talent, Sophocles was chosen to lead the male chorus at the celebration of the Greek victory over the Persians at Salamis.

Sophocles' last work, Oedipus at Colonus, presents the death of Oedipus; it was produced in B. In Philoctetes B.

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If so, then Sophocles' first dramatic success had a very personal significance. Oedipus Rex B. At the end of the festival, ten judges would award first, second, and third prizes for the best drama. Upon learning the truth, Deianeira commits suicide. He was also elected as a member of the Board of Generals more than once. Sophocles was wealthy from birth, highly educated, noted for his grace and charm, on easy terms with the leading families, a personal friend of prominent statesmen, and in many ways fortunate to have died before the final surrender of Athens to Sparta in Read more below: Life and career Life and career Sophocles was the younger contemporary of Aeschylus and the older contemporary of Euripides. In Ajax B.

He took up acting and, like another actor, William Shakespeare, began writing plays. The convention on writing plays for the Greek festivals was to submit them in tetralogies of three tragedies along with one satyr play. In Trachiniae — B.

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Most of what scholars know about the playwright comes from two sources: the Suda Lexicon, a tenth-century Greek dictionary, and the anonymous Sophocles: His Life and Works, an undated manuscript found in the thirteenth century.

Philoctetes is known to have been written in BC, and Oedipus at Colonus is known to have only been performed in BC, posthumously, at the initiation of Sophocles' grandson.

Plays The dates of Sophocles's seven known plays are not all certain. Oedipus dies and strife begins between his sons Polyneices and Eteocles. Myrtilus also repeats an anecdote reportedly told by Ion of Chios that involves Sophocles flirting with a serving boy at a symposium.

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He is one of three Greek tragedians whose plays have lived on.

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Sophocles Overview: A Biography of Sophocles