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Alice had been passed over in favor of Berengaria of Navarre, and Philip wasn't in either a financial or military position to address the insult. He sailed back to France, while Richard remained, though the climate really did hurt his health, and he often had fevers there.

The French king wanted some of the lands that Henry had held, and that were now in Richard's hands, which he believed rightfully belonged to France.

He was succeeded by his younger brother John, who had spent the years of Richard's absence scheming against him.

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His actions reflected these diverse interests, and, though he didn't always succeed, he usually attempted to do what was best for all his concerns, not just England. He could be hot-tempered, arrogant, self-centered and impatient, but there are many stories of his kindness, insight and goodheartedness.

He wrote the song, in French and Occitan versions, to express his feelings of abandonment by his people and his sister. This was of special concern to Richard the Lionheart, because the widow was his favorite sister, Joan. It was almost inevitable that Acre should fall to Richard the Lionheart, and indeed, the city surrendered mere weeks after the king arrived.

He once remarked that he would have sold the whole country if he could have found a buyer. In the end, time ran out for Richard. Richard the Lionheart died on April 6, To raise still more revenue he sold the right to hold official positions, lands, and other privileges to those interested in them.

But the wedding never actually went ahead. The people of England were heavily taxed, Churches were forced to give up valuables, monasteries were made to turn over a season's wool harvest.

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Further, Eleanor championed the match, as Navarre bordered Aquitaine, thereby securing the southern border of her ancestral lands. He visited Fontevraud Abbey Church and when he saw his father's dead body, he cried out, "Alas! Found in the British Library, c He initially resisted the match. In effect, this nearly bankrupted his kingdom for the second time in his short reign that ended in However, he did not stay in England for long. He possessed considerable political and military ability. The increasing cruelty of his rule led to a major revolt there in Taking and rebuilding Ascalon in order to more securely establish a supply line made good strategic sense, but few of his followers were interested in anything but moving on to Jerusalem. The agreement between Richard the Lionheart and Tancred ultimately benefited the king of Sicily, for it included an alliance against Tancred's rival, the new German emperor, Henry VI. He was crowned on 3 September
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Richard I of England